Our most common questions answered

Below are some of the common questions asked. Please contact us at 704-391-7030 if you need additional information.

What kind of Junk do you Dump?
We can haul and dispose of just about anything. Thing not allowed in dumpsters are: Asbestos, bio-hazard materials, medical waste, batteries, oil and anything toxic.

Can you give me an estimate before you arrive?
We can provide you with dumpster sizing and tonnage allowances. We can also advise you, over the phone, with experience and knowledge.

Will you help us load our Junk?
If you schedule with us in advance, our Charlotte office can offer this service. We do not offer these services in South Carolina.

What form of payment do you accept?
We accept Cash, Check, Mastercard, VISA, American Express and Discover.

Can you remove my Junk even if I am not on site?
Just call us and schedule the pick-up. Make sure the dumpster is accessible and we will do the rest. Your presence is not required.

Can you deliver a dumpster the same day I place my order?

We will always try to accommodate your needs.

Do you recycle?
We have established relationships with many different landfills in both states. Our goal is to recycle first. That’s a promise.

How is your service better than the other dumpster rental companies?
We are a family run business that has served North Carolina since 1986. We have experience and knowledge and strive to offer a personal touch.