There are restrictions on dumping mixed debris. Home owners and contractors can dictate where a dumpster needs to be dumped for proper disposal. If a contractor or home owner rents a dumpster for purpose of disposing construction debris and then adds kitchen garbage in bags the entire can must be dumped at a different landfill than construction trash. Kitchen garbage can not be mixed with construction debris. Raw garbage is much more expensive to dispose of. Homeowners see a dumpster and rather than disposing of kitchen raw garbage in the provided roll out weekly cans, they will toss the bagged kitchen garbage into a convenience open top dumpster.

Recycle materials must not exceed 50% of the dumpsters content. If the can has mixed debris to include more than the 50% the landfill can fine the hauling company for not separating the load. An example would be carboard mixed with wood and other construction materials. Restaurants, and other businesses must now have a separate dumpster for cardboard. Cardboard is one of the most recycled products. More recycled card board means less cut trees.

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